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George Fields - "Glad To Meet You" "White vinyl"

£40.00 / Sold Out

George Fields - "Glad To Meet You".

Featuring emcees Glad2Mecha, Realistic, Triple C, John Robinson, Doam Peace, Alildab, A.G (D.I.T.C). 6 vocalised and the instrumentals on the flip.

First 100 pressed on white/yellow vinyl and include a "Welcome To Dorset" postcard.

A1. Feel Like That ft. Glad2mecha, Realistic
A2. Worldwide ft. Triple C, Glad2mecha
A3. How Are You? ft. Glad2mecha, John Robinson
A4. Get Up! ft. Doam Peace, Glad2mecha
A5. How It Went Down ft. Alildab, Glad2mecha
A6. Just Like Before ft. AG, Glad2mecha

B1. Feel Like That (Instrumental)
B2. Worldwide (Instrumental)
B3. How Are You? (Instrumental)
B4. Get Up! (Instrumental)
B5. How It Went Down (Instrumental)
B6. Just Like Before (Instrumental)

Executive producing and mixing – Harry Warren
Mastered By – John Dent

Album cover photo by Rory Fisher and layout by Darrell Krum.